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What is Trust Mining
How to Earn Stable Yield with Trust Mining
Install Trust Wallet
Deposit your USDT into Trust Wallet
Open Trust Mining's app on Trust Wallet's DApp browser
What are the advantages
rate of return
Referral reward
Deposit USDT (ERC20) to Trust Wallet through major exchanges or wallets
Click on the browser in the menu, paste in the search bar, click on the dashboard and then link your Ethereum wallet, and deposit a small amount of ETH into Trust Wallet (signing smart contracts through Trust Wallet Artificial Intelligence (AI) ) Robot Protocol Interaction) and start earning steady income.
One of the main benefits of Crypto Defi is that it eliminates the need for constant purchases of expensive hardware and energy consumption. Unlike systems with proof-of-work, which provide guaranteed returns and a predictable revenue stream, cryptocurrencies with proof-of-work are rewarded through a random process with a lower probability of being rewarded. Another reason is that unlike application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and other mining hardware, the value of your cryptocurrency holdings does not decrease, it is only affected by current market price fluctuations. This makes cryptocurrencies with proof-of-stake mechanisms more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than mining-based currencies.
500--9,999 USDT yield ≈ 1%; 10,000--49,999USDT yield ≈ 1.6%; 50,000--99,999USDT yield ≈ 2.4%; 100,000--499,999USDT yield ≈ 3.2%; 500,000--99,999,999USDT yield ≈ 4.8%;
The referral reward has five levels of rebates, the ratio is 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, that is, if you are A, invite friend B to join the node, your friend B invites friend C to join the node, and so on The levels can be divided into: A>B>C>D>E>F (up to 5 levels down), B is the first-level miner of A, C is the second-level miner of A, D is the third-level miner of A, and E is the third-level miner of A. A's fourth-level miner, F is A's fifth-level miner. [A's commission]: A can get 25% of B's ​​daily income as a commission A can get 20% of C's daily income as a commission A can get 15% of D's daily income as a commission A can get 10% of E's daily income as a commission A can get 5% of F's daily income as a commission
Trust Mining is the official decentralized application (DApp) of Trust Wallet. You can use the Trust Wallet mobile app to receive and store stablecoins safely and securely to avoid market volatility and earn income.
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